Students maintain a schedule of sitting zazen for a minimum of 20-50 minutes in their own time each day.

Weekly Meetings

Formal group meetings are held every Sunday, from 10:00 to 12:00, at the Sawtell Zendo (meditation hall) located at the CWA Hall, 21 Elizabeth Street, Sawtell. See the Calendar for further details.

Weekly Group Schedule:

10:00 – Standing Yoga and Orientation
10:10 – Zazen
10:50 – Kinhin
11:00 – Practice Readings
11:15 – Dharma Talk and Inquiry Practice
12:00 – Practice Principles and Close followed by informal tea and snacks.


Sesshins (retreats)

One day sesshins (retreats) from 9am to 4pm will be offered on a regular basis throughout the year.
We also aim to have two longer sesshins (from 2-5 days) during the year.

See calendar for further details.


Jan - June 2018

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Sawtell Zendo (Meditation Hall)

CWA Hall, 21 Elizabeth Street, Sawtell